China grants more trademark approvals for Ivanka Trump firm - including voting machines

China grants more trademark approvals for Ivanka Trump firm - including voting machines

President Donald Trump implored his supporters to vote on Tuesday, saying the media will treat the midterm results as a referendum on his presidency.

In strongly conservative Polk County, Republican early voters and mail-in voters cast more ballots than Democrats as of Sunday's tally, exceeding the difference in voters registered to either party, with 55,249 Republicans to 50,725 Democrats.

"I have not called the President a racist", Gillum told CNN after the tweet, "but there are racists in his sympathizers who believe he may be, which is why they go to his aid, which is why he has provided them cover".

"If they lose this November, the civil war inside the Democratic Party is going to consume them for years and is going to make Donald Trump's re-election in 2020 a forgone conclusion", he said.

During a barnstorm flurry of rallies in Ohio, Missouri and in, he continued to whip up anti-immigration sentiment among his supporters, warning that Democrats would usher in an era of open borders and widespread crime.

So if the Republicans win. they'll pick a new speaker, and if the Democrats take the House, . they'll likely choose the veteran progressive from San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi.

Facebook said it had blocked 115 accounts for suspected "coordinated inauthentic behaviour" linked to foreign groups attempting to interfere in the midterm elections.

The last Rasmussen Reports poll before the election regarding the Congressional races up for grabs has good news for the GOP: The Republican Party leads the Democrats by one point. Others have pledged to pursue impeachment, although removal from office is unlikely so long as the GOP controls the Senate or maintains even a healthy minority.

First in line was a retiree, Jerry, who did not want to give his last name and said he was voting for the first time in midterm elections. It has not been unusual for a Democratic campaign event to occur with no reference to the president.

AFR coverage is scheduled to being at 8 p.m. A list of AFR stations can be found here. Trump declared in his typical style: "If she gets in, Georgia goes backwards". "Vote for the Democrat".

President Trump has repeatedly referred in his speeches to the caravan of migrants making its way through Central America towards the USA border.

In St. Louis, Susan Riebold, 53, posed for a photo with a cardboard cutout of Mr. Trump at a pre-Election Day rally for her Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

"The House has been a rubber stamp for the Trump agenda".

"The fact we still have a narrow path to a majority is a sea change from where we were two years ago", he said on ABC.

According to political pundits, the Democrats have a good chance of winning the House, while the Republicans are likely to retain the Senate.

"I'd love to get along and I think after the election a lot of things can happen", Trump said. Maybe back in '16 during the presidential, right around the vote. The Tea Party movement grew as a response to that, propelling Republicans to a crushing victory in the midterms that year.

Mr Trump attended three rallies on the final day of campaigning, telling his supporters: "Everything we have achieved is at stake tomorrow".

The surprise, of course, was that Trump won the electoral college, and therefore the presidency. He received similar applause when promoting the economy, unemployment numbers and judicial appointments. "When credentials held by women, people of color, or both are dismissed or diminished, it harkens back to centuries of gender and racial discrimination in which individuals of great talent and skill were told that they could not access our nation's most important political, economic, and social opportunities". The crowd responded with the chant, "Lock her up!" In the final stretch Trump has brought out special guests to join him on the campaign trail.

Although not on the ballot, Trump made himself the focus of the entire contest, jetting around the country to hold rallies - in three states on Monday alone. He ran an advertisement about immigration so racially incendiary that all three major cable news networks, including Fox News, either refused to air it or eventually chose to stop showing it.



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