Ryan Reynolds isn't optimistic about a Deadpool/Wolverine movie

Ryan Reynolds isn't optimistic about a Deadpool/Wolverine movie

Or, Deadpool could just completely take over The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for a few minutes Tuesday night. A sequel means new challenges, and Deadpool 2 resets its game pieces in a pretty nasty way fairly early on, sending Wade into a suicidal depression he can't quip his way out of. "I bet it's Deadpool 2", said Reynolds as he entered from offstage, in costume as the Merc With a Mouth. Deadpool 2 contains ultra-crude and violent adult material - you have been warned.

"I'll tell ya who should not be on your show: Ryan Reynolds".

Beckham asks for what he has been apologizing for, as take it for Ryan Reynolds bad movies. Admittedly, a film like Deadpool is hard to replicate and although Deadpool 2 lacks the immediate novelty value of its predecessor, the filmmakers still plant the film with multiple humourous fourth wall breaking jokes and enjoyable action sequences. Otherwise, we don't think you'll be able to keep that box of popcorn in. Sometimes the comic book references got a little too much, with virtually every superhero getting a shout out at one point or another, but that's really just a nitpick and shouldn't affect your enjoyment of the film. We'd all much rather hear a story about Blake Lively anyway.

However, in the first post-credits scene we see young X-Men Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Yukio (Shiori Kutsuna) actually get the device working again and hand it over to Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), with a warning that Cable will kill him if he's caught using it.

"I'm against child abuse", the "Deadpool" star quipped on breakfast show "Good Morning America", as he explained his opposition to the career path. "Showbusiness for a little kid is a insane pursuit". One day that level of audacious goofiness might get tiresome, but it hasn't yet, and Reynolds is clearly still having fun doing it.

Colbert: "That's- that's a- that's a different Fox". You're absolutely right, Jimmy.

Deadpool then insisted on reading the rest of Colbert's monologue.

The humor here is also warped, but it's often more ambitious than the original Deadpool, which flaunted its R-rated status with jokes content with being juvenile or obscene or both.

Deadpool went on to call Colbert "Jimmy", a nod to the other late-night hosts, before delivering the remainder of Colbert's monologue himself.



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