NASA's planet hunting probe successfully launched

NASA's planet hunting probe successfully launched

The satellite is created to look for planets around those stars using the transit method, meaning that it will detect small dips in a star's light that occur when a planet passes across the face of its star from TESS's perspective.

A Falcon 9 rocket launched on SpaceX's first high-priority science mission for NASA on April 18.

TESS will target 200,000 of the brightest stars in our celestial neighborhood, looking for the faint dimming of starlight as an exoplanet passes over a given star's disk. These so-called "transits" may mean that planets are in orbit around them.

The brightness of these target stars will allow researchers to use spectroscopy, the study of the absorption and emission of light, to determine a planet's mass, density and atmospheric composition.

"TESS is the first step toward finding habitable planets", said Rinehart.

According to UH official, parts of the Tess satellite were built in the islands, including the sensors of the four TESS cameras manufactured by the Hawaiʻi Aerospace Honolulu.

"This is the last new, not flight-proven yet Block 4", Koenigsmann said of the rocket that launched TESS. But they are so powerful.

"When you look at what Kepler found, no one assumed there might be a planet made entirely of diamond, or that there could be worlds all covered in water..." It will attempt to identify such planets by spotting decreased brightness of stars, a sign that a planet is passing in front of it.

While Kepler has focused on stars thousands of light-years away, Tess will concentrate on our stellar neighbours which are dozens or hundreds of light-years away. This photo was taken with an engineering model of a TESS camera from a rooftop on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The spacecraft aims to add thousands of exoplanets, or planets beyond our solar system, to the galactic map for future study. TESS will be replacing the Kepler satellite whose fuel will be over within some months.

The second stage of the launcher was then lit to continue TESS's journey to orbit. On Wednesday, the rocket performed flawlessly.

The technique it will use is fundamentally the same as that employed by NASA's long-running and highly successful Kepler mission. Combined, those data will help scientists characterize the planet: Is it a small, rocky world like Earth?

A SpaceX rocket blasted off from Florida on Wednesday evening with NASA's planet-hunting orbital telescope created to detect worlds beyond our solar system that might be capable of harbouring life.



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In a 2-year survey of the solar neighborhood, TESS will monitor the brightness of those stars for the periodic drops caused by planet transits.

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