Making the Sound of Silence in 'A Quiet Place'

Making the Sound of Silence in 'A Quiet Place'

The film comes out on Friday. The audience knows what to expect given the title and trailers for A QUIET PLACE. From the excellent direction and pitch flawless acting to the stellar cinematography and award-worthy sound design and special effects that is essential to the film's overall effectiveness, "A Quiet Place" is a deadly silent horror pic.

GREENE: And Justin, we should say John Krasinski is the director of this film.

"It's really weird", Krasinski told The Daily Free Press. Would I know you from anything?' And I went, 'You know, we redid the United Kingdom version of The Office.' Strike one!

'I said blue, and I knew her favorite color was blue and she went, "Oh". Kids are loud, distracting things in and of themselves - and especially babies - so early on in the film, I began to feel anxious that bad things were going to happen.

Krasinski has mentioned in multiple interviews that "A Quiet Place" is just as much a movie about what parents will do for their children as it is a horror film.

"I was legitimately in that world of terror and thinking every single minute of every single day about protecting my daughter and keeping her safe, keeping her alive", he recalled. "So that's the tactic I took there".

From there, he proceeded to rewrite the original script. Even so, Krasinski has made one of the most poetic horror movies of recent years. I mean, when did they have time for all this?

"The Miracle Season" tells the true, inspiring story of West High School girls' volleyball team that rallied together to win the state championship after the tragic loss of one of the team's star players. "I think this is a love letter to my kids". When signs show that the cult leader's out-there teachings might be accurate after all, they come back.

Despite appearances (and crew assumptions), A Quiet Place isn't a totally silent movie; the film does rely on a traditional score, and while I noted in my review that it would've been interesting to see what the film played like without musical cues, Krasinski has a good reason for maintaining at least some of the soundtrack (although he didn't rule out trying it on the director's cut). "He can emotionally engage and connect", Blunt said. Your job is to deliver these lines. The only thing you know - and the movie just throws you right in - is that these monsters are blind, and they hunt by sound. "I'm really glad I took the leap".

I was surprised too, but yeah - pretty much.

Presented in English and American Sign Language with subtitles. The silence of the family's life, for example, is different from the silence that Regan experiences. Simmonds, best known for "Wonderstruck", lost her hearing during infancy. It doesn't exactly have the special something-extra of a Tremors or an Alligator, but it's above Anaconda or Deep Blue Sea (both of which I also enjoy - don't get me wrong). You married Emily Blunt? Go. There's a meta element to the drama too, as Krasinski and Blunt are married in real life. He's called Blunt's agreement to appear in the movie "the greatest compliment of [his] career". Lee doesn't yet know, and we don't either. "We try to keep it small conversations, rather than big ones". The Graboids in Tremors, like the monsters in A Quiet Place, respond to sound; Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward and my queen, Reba, must minimize the noise they make or get eaten up by giant sand worms.



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