It's Never Been About the Second Amendment. It's About Corporate Profits

It's Never Been About the Second Amendment. It's About Corporate Profits

Although there is limited evidence to suggest that the assault weapons ban reduced overall gun violence, the incidence of mass shootings in the United States did fall by 37 percent during the ban period.

Another horrid gun tragedy, and here we are again left with unnecessary funerals, bullet-ridden victims, and grieving survivors. It's just common sense.

Following a voice vote, a 2-year ban on AR-15 assault weapons initially passed but the motion was reconsidered and reversed 20 minutes later in a roll call vote. No more bloodshed anywhere in America.

Some have a veneer of academic respectability, but all ramming billionaire-friendly policies and purchasing corrupt, climate-denying and gun-happy politicians. Or maybe it is because the president spent the past week watching one Fortune 500 company after another sever ties with the NRA.

And we must stand with the courageous, intelligent, and articulate young people of the #NeverAgain movement for gun safety who are poised to save our country from itself. Maybe if we eliminate or change the 2nd Amendment.

To engage in a reasoned discussion from the same vantage point, we must study not only the precise or strict text of a law or regulation, but also investigate the supporting or modifying laws and rulings related to it.

The Giffords group gave half the states an F for gun safety laws. Maybe if states would have to report to the National database. Florida is looking at stiffer laws.

How have the current White House and Congress been doing on solving the problem of our schoolchildren being used as easy prey for the unstable or enraged or bullied? Here is another. I just argued you can not always depend on authorities to save your life.

(1/4) Yesterday, the members of @AMarch4OurLives got to meet up with some of the most wonderful and most strong spoken students of Chicago. Mental illness or instability will always be unpredictable.

Bloomberg, a longtime advocate of gun control, established Everytown in the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. What part of "Shall not be infringed" do we not understand?

Snarling up the argument, though, is one major sticking point: The Second Amendment, which as everyone knows enshrines in the Constitution our God-given right to own weapons of war. Vote to change the laws. Getting to 2/3 consensus might prove hard if not impossible. Walmart raised its minimum age to buy firearms from 18 to 21. That segment of the population appears to include President Trump. Of those, 66 percent have multiple guns, and 73 percent said they could not imagine not owning a gun. We sure are good at giving mixed signals.

Instead of taking a long-term strategy of turning our schools and other public places into fortresses, or implementing measures as senseless as arming teachers, let's face the obvious and travel the path that rational people have done in most other advanced nations: Take meaningful steps to reduce the availability of guns.



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