Democrats, women have much to celebrate after Texas primaries


Democratic turnout in the Texas primary has hit its highest level in a midterm election since 2002, a reflection of the nationwide momentum for liberal candidates opposing President Donald Trump. That's 20 points more than the 40% that went to Democratic candidates.

Sylvia Garcia, a former state senator, was the early favorite to win the Democratic primary to replace retiring Rep. Gene Green in his heavily Hispanic Houston district, Texas Congressional District 29.

Texas election law prevented a clear-cut outcome for numerous most heavily contested primary elections in the state on Tuesday, the start of the national primary season.

"This guy says, 'That is the last time, 70 years ago, that we saw a Senate candidate from either party campaigning here, '" O'Rourke said. "That's a good thing for November". As votes trickled in, O'Rourke struggled to maintain just over 60 percent of his primary's voters. And Democrats are expected to pick up some vulnerable seats from Republicans.

Its current Representative, Republican Will Hurd, has been a vocal opponent of Trump's proposal to construct a wall along the entirety of the southern border.

Tuesday's primary also provided voters with another glimpse into Democratic enthusiasm heading into the 2018 midterms. She'll take on Democrat Roman McAllen. "She is a Washington insider, who begrudgingly moved to Houston to run for Congress", the DCCC said on its website as it posted a bundle of research critical of Moser.

But this year, this conservative bit of Texas is shaping up as one of the many laboratories in which the Democratic Party is testing its new identity - and figuring out how to win. Moser, who has the backing of Our Revolution, Sen. Bernie Sanders' political organization, endorsed her in the wake of the DCCC memo.

But this intervention failed to prevent Moser from advancing to the runoff.

Now Democrats in the seventh district, a longtime Republican stronghold that swung harder to Hillary Clinton than any other district in the country in 2016, will be faced with an unusual choice: a progressive candidate denounced by the official campaign organ of the House Democratic caucus, or a more moderate candidate rejected by the AFL-CIO. Texans have not elected a Democrat to statewide office in over two decades - and it's been even longer since they sent one to the U.S. Senate.

The Houston seat is likely headed to a runoff. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who has his own primary race to deal with Tuesday.

"That doesn't quite fit the narrative that a lot of folks in the media want to tell because every two years, every four years, Texas is always fixing to turn blue, but the nice value of it is in Texas, at least, there are a lot more conservatives than liberals", he added.

To make sense of just why Cruz is uncertain about his prospects of getting re-elected, simply take a look at the fundraising O'Rourke has managed in the recent past. He contends that Bush, who is facing a serious primary challenge, is trying to convince voters that he's something he's not. "The extreme left, they're angry, they're filled with rage, they hate the president".

That means that barring something wholly unforeseen, Texans will have their first two Latina members of Congress next year. And in the race for the Democratic nomination for governor, former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez had more than twice as many votes as her closest opponent, businessman Andrew White.

The report comes from the Center for American Progress, which gave Texas and a number of other states a "D" grade overall.

State Land Commission George P. Bush, the nephew for former President George W. Bush, won the Republican nomination for another term.

It's not yet clear who Texas' Democratic nominee will be, but Abbott is nonetheless heavily favored in November.

Democrats who control the New York Assembly have passed legislation aimed at reducing gun violence in the state.



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