This Is Us Finally Revealed How Jack Died

This Is Us Finally Revealed How Jack Died

That's where the strength lies, it's in the family. To instruct young Randall (Niles Fitch) and Kevin (Logan Shroyer) to be not men of the house but 17-year-old boys.

Finally, we get the full story of how Jack's tree became Jack's tree: Rebecca thought she could have cancer, and while they waited for the doctor to call, they sat by a tree.

This entire episode was told through the lens of the family auto and the adventures that they went on over the course of their entire lives.

Papa Pearson is not going anywhere anytime soon. She's panicked, so Jack takes her to his "special tree" and gives her a pep talk. The mantra that I kept thinking while I was shooting last night's episode was just, "Keep putting one foot in front of another". These are the five moments that made us cry!

The Wagoneer is also home to a few other special moments that come to light in this episode, including my personal favorite, which includes Kate, Jack and Alanis Morissette ("Jagged Little Pill" is one of my top 5 favorite albums ever).

In the midst of this story with Rebecca in the past, we also saw throughout this episode little interspersed moments of Jack with nearly all of the other characters. Speaking of which, does Crock-Pot need to add a disclaimer to slow cookers saying they can potentially cause heart failure now? A little exploitative, but, hey, this is supposed to be a sad episode, so let's blaze right past it. Jack coerces the auto dealer to lease him a fancy wagon.the same wagon Rebecca's in at the beginning of the episode, where she's waiting outside the hotel. Kevin, Kate, and Randall all do their best to distract their mother by singing, and Jack encourages her with soothing words.

Jack fights his demons, spending his time as a recovering alcoholic building shelves for his home so his hands are busy. She was disconnected, floating above, just completely an out-of-body experience.

It's the day of Jack's funeral. "I see my family okay in that vehicle". When Rebecca had a health scare, Jack took her to what would be known as "his tree" to reassure her everything would be okay. Some may have not caught that after Jack's funeral, Rebecca is forced to drive over a bridge once again to get to the Bruce Springsteen concert. They aren't able to listen to everyone say how sorry they are or all the good things people have to say about Jack. Kate starting to blame herself for being the reason that Jack died and wanting to get rid of their dog. She wanted her kids to still be kids, and she was determined to do whatever she had to do to make that happen. Kevin is having trouble with his tie, Randall offers to help, Kevin snaps back. Thanks to Jack's heroic actions, Teenage Kate and Randall - along with their mom, Rebecca, and the family dog, Louie - make their way out of a massive house fire. The surprise you ask?

Plus, Milo Ventimiglia teases more to come from the Pearson patriarch. The fact that Jack's coffee cup was still sitting in the vehicle the day of the funeral was a sad reminder of that. Dr. K lets Rebecca know that she will do great, because she made the "sweetest pitcher" out of those sour lemons she got so many years ago. Dr. K is remarried and happy and shares memories of Jack coming to meet him for parental advice, unbeknownst to Rebecca. I think she just acknowledged his wishes and had his service outside and at some point they were going to spread his ashes outside.

Even though Jack is gone clearly his presence still has a lasting impact on the family and Rebecca. Following the Super Bowl episode, Ventimiglia said that that while his character would not be moving forward in the show's timeline, his past would continue to be explored on the show, including his relationship with his brother.

This Is Us will be headed to Vietnam after the Winter Olympics.

Jack may have just died in the February 4 episode of 'This Is Us, ' but the show's creator just confirmed that we may see Mr. Pearson in the present day! Until then there should be plenty of recovery time from this heart wrenching episode.



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