Pelosi to oppose sweeping budget deal over lack of protections for DREAMers

Pelosi to oppose sweeping budget deal over lack of protections for DREAMers

But it isn't sitting well with everyone, and now the question is whether they can round up the votes to pass it before government funding runs out Thursday night.

President Donald Trump is making the case on Twitter for electing more Republicans to Congress after signing a $400 billion spending plan. However, it only funds the government through March 23.

Under the bill, the Pentagon will get an additional $80 billion in fiscal year 2018 and $85 billion in fiscal year 2019, while domestic spending will grow by $63 billion in fiscal year 2018 and $68 billion the following fiscal year.

Do they give their support, given that there is increased funding for domestic issues like education and veterans affairs - a major victory considering Republicans ordinarily want to cut federal spending?

The Kentucky Republican says he expects the Senate to vote on the budget bill after 1 a.m. Friday - and possibly several hours after a midnight deadline to avert a second government shutdown in three weeks.

On the other, it marks an abandonment of long-stated principles from those Republicans who railed repeatedly against the climbing debt and deficit during the Obama years.

House Republicans already passed a partisan funding bill to kick the can down the road for more than a month.

Yup. While you were sleeping, Congress was shutting down the government - and then reopening it - in a familiar display of dysfunction.

Schumer and McConnell appear to be working toward a plan that would respond to the House bill with a long-awaited spending pact to give whopping increases both to the Pentagon and domestic programs - nearly $300 billion spread over two years.

"I'll support it", Rep. Peter King, R-New York, said. She used the time to tell the stories of one dreamer after another.

But other Democrats said their party in the House may simply not have the leverage to force a DACA solution on conservative Republicans controlling that chamber.

"Debt and deficits are no excuse to leave the war fighter hanging", Graham said. "I can' good faith, just look the other way because my party is now complicit in the deficits", he said. Any senator also can object to a vote, causing lengthy procedural delays.

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin walks to his office at the Capitol, Thursday, February 8, 2018, in Washington as lawmakers push to enact a massive budget deal along with a stopgap temporary measure to prevent a government shutdown at midnight. Republicans had mostly shrugged off the deficit impacts of the tax reform bill, arguing that it would pay for itself over the long haul (which the CBO disputes), but Democrats screamed bloody hell over deficits over the last two months.

"I think in the end it's the only game in town", said Senator John Thune of South Dakota, the No. 3 Republican.

That step alone would help reduce uncertainty in US financial markets at a turbulent time.

The move to hold an unpredictable Senate debate next week fulfills the promise McConnell made on the Senate floor to end the last government shutdown in mid-January, when he pledged to hold a neutral debate on the immigration issue that was "fair to all sides".

Defense Secretary James Mattis said Wednesday he was encouraged by the deal. All they have to do - I told him this at 11:00 a.m. this morning - give me 15 minutes to debate, 15 minutes to vote and we could have been done by noon.

The accord drew opposition from opposite extremes of Congress' ideological spectrum, but not in sufficient numbers to threaten passage.

Gillibrand also tweeted that Dreamers "deserve justice now", saying, "We can not continue to sit idly by and watch hundreds of thousands of Dreamers live in fear of deportation".

"They live and work here. How are we going to win this?" "Vote against this budget".

Early Friday morning, President Trump signed the bipartisan budget deal that sailed fairly smoothly through Congress once a vote was able to occur.

Immigration legislation is not included in the deal reached by Senate leaders.

Trump also wrote that negotiations will "start now!" on an immigration measure that he and Democrats have been battling over for months.

"The budget deal does not have everything Democrats want, it does not have everything the Republicans want, but it has a great deal of what the American people want", Schumer said in his speech on the House Floor. His spokeswoman, AshLee Strong, reiterated that the speaker would only bring up immigration legislation that the president supports.



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