Should the USA crack down on marijuana?

Should the USA crack down on marijuana?

Despite the uncertainty, there is a spirit of optimism that the status quo won't change as much, and that the move was created to reflect posturing on the part of the Sessions-led Justice Department.

Sessions, in all his wisdom, has compared marijuana to heroin and is blaming marijuana for leading to violence around the country.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a Democrat, said that state regulatory agencies will have a say in whether offshore drilling is allowed.

USA and Canadian cannabis stocks briefly tumbled after the U.S. But at least it recognized that laws have been changed through a democratic process.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was opposed by cannabis legalization supporters for good reason as he's had a long history of supporting Reefer Madness policies. They are taking a new and smarter approach to legalize and regulate marijuana. The directive would give federal prosecutors more authority to enforce federal marijuana laws in states where cannabis has been legalized in some form. Recreational marijuana is legal in eight states, including California, where legal sales began this month.

"This new policy - whatever it ends up being - makes the risks and uncertainties much greater", he said. The decision to rescind the Cole Memo - Justice Department memorandum directing prosecutors not to interfere with state legalization - was met with immediate outcry and fury from the industry (and in Washington, D.C.).

Boyer is hopeful that the legislature will figure out how to properly implement the regulation of recreational marijuana use.

Part of their argument was that running elections is the business of the states, not the federal government. Asked about the president's position Thursday, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said he supports enforcing federal law.

Only Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas do not allow any access to marijuana, said Karmen Hanson, a cannabis policy analyst with the National Conference of State Legislatures. Thousands of patients have registered to buy the drug, though supply has been limited since the first dispensaries opened in December.

Following Thursday's announcement, marijuana stocks slumped on Wall Street, according to Business Insider reports.

However, Troyer landed his job when the previous Obama appointed US attorney stepped down.

"We'll have to digest it a little bit more and see what the alternatives are that he's looking to provide, if any", Hill said. It's as if we have learned nothing from the Prohibition Era, where underground liquor made with paint thinner and other risky chemicals killed thousands of Americans.

President Trump is under fire from veterans' groups who are accusing his administration of putting personal politics ahead of their health.

States that have legalized medical marijuana have fewer deaths related to opioid abuse.

Such a system leaves us where we are right now - with thousands of marijuana farms and weed enthusiasts in a state of legal limbo, not knowing whether they're hardened criminals or productive taxpayers.

NY has almost 40,000 patients registered for the state's medical marijuana program.

Under the Sessions policy reversal, a cancer patient now using a marijuana-based drug to ease pain or nausea may have that right taken away.

The most Sessions' move does is keep him solid with the extreme conservative Southern base from which he arose. Both of the sheriffs in El Paso and Teller Counties have made statements to the public that they will be aggressively cracking down on illegal marijuana grow operations.

The Trump administration likes to say that policy is best set by the states and not in Washington.

Federal law, of course, bans marijuana sale and use. However, marijuana advocates are arguing the legalization of the drug will eliminate the black market and reduce violence.



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