Why turning public health care into 'block grants' can't work

Why turning public health care into 'block grants' can't work

Bernie Sanders has unveiled a bill that sketches out a single-payer system where everybody would get free or almost free health care, in exchange for somebody-it's unclear who-paying higher taxes. It could represent the next Democratic vision of health care reform to be pitched in future elections.

A group of Republicans making a final push to repeal Obamacare say they have nearly enough Senate votes to pass a bill, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. We've got six months to deal with the DREAM Act kids. We'll see if they do.

"It is starting to feel like this has potential to get to the floor again", one Senate Democratic aide says.

The notion was submerged as Obama enacted his overhaul, which boosted federal spending and set coverage requirements but left much of the existing private system in place.

On MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Thursday, Cassidy said Republican and Democratic governors, insurance commissioners and Medicaid directors are asking for more flexibility. Cassidy said he's had discussions with Edwards about the law but didn't anticipate the endorsement of the governor - or any other Democratic governors or USA senators.

Exercise your right to vote. The measure calls for expanding Medicare coverage to every American, doing away with employer-sponsored and private health insurance coverage. But in the meantime, his focus is on the fights of today.

"I just don't care about the coverage numbers, because their methodology has proven to be wrong", he said of CBO.

Talks about stabilizing the Obamacare markets are now taking place. Sen.

But to assume they're fibbing carries all kinds of risks.

There's also the lingering threat of full-on repeal, despite its seeming defeat over the summer. So why-now that the Republican Party has a majority control over the house-did the GOP fail to repeal and replace Obamacare?

Because of the Republican Party's narrow 52-seat majority in the Senate, the bill needs near-unanimous support to pass. "We're probably at 48-49 [votes] and talking to two or three more". Senator John Cornyn told The Hill that he's whipping the vote, saying "my hope is we'll get that preliminary information back in the next few days".

Graham, Cassidy and co-sponsors Sens. Instead they listed fixing the markets and White House undermining as their main concerns. But now, it looks like the the bill released by Republican Sens.

Thirty-two million people were already estimated to lose their health insurance under Graham-Cassidy because block granting the program would reduce the funds available to states to provide coverage. "If the president came out and endorsed that, that would nearly guarantee that it happens", Rep. Sanders caucuses with Democrats and unexpectedly gave Hillary Clinton a tough run for the party's presidential nomination a year ago. "We think the president will be on board", he said.

"In this compromise, both sides have to give something", Troy said. "If it's not through regular order then it's a mistake, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't vote for it", he said.

"Today we begin the long and hard struggle to end the worldwide disgrace of the United States, our great nation, being the only major country on Earth not to guarantee health care to all", Sanders declared.



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