'Game of Thrones' season 7: What Jon, Daenerys think about each other


To summarize the whole meeting, Jon and Daenerys didn't actually get along.

It seemed like Cersei would win the power rankings this week, until Olenna Tyrell confesses to Joffrey's murder. The maid noticeably mimics her lady's style season by season, so either she really loves Cersei or the Queen just simply tells her how to dress. Olenna sat in her stylish chair, adorned with only the most elegant of regalia, awaiting her certain death with patience and grace. The Queen of Thorns drew blood one last time.

When you play the Game of Thrones winning and losing aren't the only goals. This tends to shield them in a way from fearing anything other than the final check out. So how's her conquest of Westeros going?

In the video released online [see below] Co-executive Producer D.B. Weiss said that the meeting between Daenerys and Jon Snow was exciting to watch even while filming on the set, which he said was a "notoriously boring place", and that excitement the producers expected would carry over to TV screens. She gives the wrong impression with all of her pompous titles and her quick to offense demeanor and she seriously misjudges just how much she needs the North now that her back is against the wall. Of course, Theon doesn't know that Jon - a member of his former surrogate family - is now staying on the island. And once they're no longer afraid of death, then the only fear remaining might be reserved for their younger counterparts, such as children and grandchildren.

Ironically, one of Bernadette's biggest moments before now was barging in on Jaime and Cersei (who are just talking) in the Season Four premiere, "Two Swords".

Let's check in with the Starks at Winterfell, with Sansa looking about the same as she did in the last episode when she learned that her brother Bran became kind of a weirdo in the years since she last saw him.

Old Blackwater Keep on Rolling: Tyrion did get a chance to re-visit one of his old victories this week when he and Davos dropped some brief reminders to the audience that they fought on opposite sides of the Battle of Blackwater Bay.

Robert: It's a neat little trick you do. This should have been cute and emotional and instead it was awkward and uncomfortable. She got rid of sneaky, shady Olenna Tyrell by sending a surprise attack to Highgarden. That's a huge error. In the process, two of the three Sand Snakes were killed and one was captured - only to be finished off by Cersei in a two-for-one special as the queen poisoned her prisoner while keeping the Snakes' mother alive to watch her daughter die (the show implies that the death happens offscreen).

We can assume that when Jon said he didn't enjoy doing the thing he's best at, he was talking about killing. It was certainly a different take showing Tyrion explain his plan and seeing it unfold, but I am sure many would have preferred a battle scene.



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