Don't cook your eyes! Wear bona fide protection during solar eclipse

Don't cook your eyes! Wear bona fide protection during solar eclipse

Partial solar eclipses take place every 18 months but only last a few minutes. The last total solar eclipse seen from coast to coast in the contiguous USA was in 1918. The moon continues until we reach totality and the sun is completely covered up by the moon save for ring of fire stretching around a jet-black hole.

Most people will see a penumbra, or partial shadow, where you still see a portion of the Sun. "Looking directly at the sun, even for only a few seconds, can permanently damage the eye's retina, even causing blindness", said Dr. Peter A. Netland, chair of the UVA Department of Ophthalmology.

"Dog and cat eyes are much more sensitive". Pacific Time, the moon will transit across the disc of the sun, peaking at 10:21 a.m.

A solar eclipse by itself is not altogether rare. The next total eclipse in the contiguous United States will not occur until April 8, 2024 sweeping from Eastern Texas to Maine.

If you're checking out the eclipse somewhere in Brooklyn, send us your pics.

Q: Can I still get glasses to safely view Monday's solar eclipse in Manhattan?

The intent of providing glasses is to make sure students are safe while viewing the eclipse, but the university isn't going to turn people away if they aren't students, Pennington said. "The viewing glasses and pinhole cameras are all for the partial phases". Lens must meet a very specific worldwide standard known as ISO 12312-2.

According to the AAS, "you shouldn't be able to see anything through a safe solar filter except the sun itself or something comparably bright".

From Oregon to SC, a stretch of about 70 miles in America will have a "path of totality", where they'll see the solar eclipse 100 percent.

You can also score solar eclipse glasses at Solar Eclipse parties at New York Public Libraries (check online to see which branches still have room). You'll want to wear proper eye protection if you want to look at the eclipse. The next time to view an eclipse in our area will be a partial eclipse on August 12, 2045, as the path of totality goes through Northern California and Nevada. The map helped observers plan travel destinations to view the eclipse.

Here's where the eclipse is passing over the USA and where you can get the best view just by stepping outside.

Don't use a damaged or scratched solar filter.



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