Sen. Fischer defends process on stalled health care bill (AUDIO)

Sen. Fischer defends process on stalled health care bill (AUDIO)

Additionally, it would be beneficial to put Nancy Pelosi's full quote into context: "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy". The bill provides resources to states that will help stabilize insurance markets, especially for vulnerable populations, in ways that will bring premiums down for the healthy. According to our estimates, this bill will cut $13.4 billion dollars from Indiana's Medicaid program from 2020-2026 and will likely force millions of people off of Medicaid coverage.

The Senate's plan grants several allowances to states that hold the potential for serious harm.

Many who gained health coverage under the expansion were low-income parents whose jobs do not offer insurance, who were unable to afford private insurance and who were not eligible for Medicaid before the ACA.

The CBO also said that it does not expect many of those who fall out of Medicaid eligibility under the BCRA to purchase insurance "because of the expense for premiums and the high deductibles" for individual market plans. Four of the five members of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors spoke about the toll the Senate bill would have in the county, where one out of 20 residents receive Medicaid, known in California as Medi-Cal. A major area of worry is the proposed repeal of Medicaid expansion, the ACA initiative that enabled millions of previously uninsured Americans to gain coverage. A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine showed clearly that health insurance results in better access to care, use of proven preventive services, and lives saved.

We have always advocated for better access and better quality of care.

The Republican proposal under consideration in the Senate would convert Medicaid to a per-capita cap system, much like a version of the legislation passed by the House of Representatives in May. Who's demanding "no" votes on this bill? Insurers will get $145 billion over 10 years - as well as a change in tax rules to let them overpay their top executives at taxpayer expense. The state's long struggles with addiction, childhood trauma, and diseases like diabetes-all of which could worsen under a shrinking Medicaid program-are driven in one way or another by lack of adequate income.

The current draft of the proposed Trumpcare plan would cut billions of dollars from programs like Medicaid, created to help people with low or no incomes.

The Republican bill would phase out the 2014 expansion. They try to keep track of every aspirin they give you, and it appears on your bill.

Schumer's tweet was about a 64-year-old earning $56,800. The bill would prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funding for at least one year, including Medicaid and Title X, despite its status as a source of care for services that women need, such as contraception and screenings for cancers and STDs.

States could always protect the vulnerable by boosting their contribution to make up for the lost federal funds.

I have to strongly disagree with the writer's claim that the Democrats wrote the Affordable Care Act in secrecy. This would represent "a transfer of risk, responsibility, and cost to the states of historic proportions", according to a statement by the National Association of Medicaid Directors, a bipartisan organization representing leaders of state Medicaid agencies nationwide.

People I talk to often feel that news about health policy tends to miss what they see as the real story: the poverty and inequality that undergird New Mexico's health woes. From there, impacts would ripple through our local economy.

Here in California, according to the most recent report by California Department of Health Care Services, by 2027, almost 3.8 million Californians would lose coverage and our state would lose about $24 billion in federal funding under what is now known of Senate proposals. Such illnesses could be considered pre-existing conditions should the state seek a waiver under the GOP health bill.



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