How to watch OJ Simpson's parole hearing

How to watch OJ Simpson's parole hearing

The 70-year-old former football star is seeking his freedom after serving more than eight years behind bars for an armed robbery in a Las Vegas casino hotel room in 2007.

Why is he in prison?

While the world at large has mixed feelings about the possibilty of O.J. being a free man later this year, one of his victims - his former friend and the memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong - recently admitted that he would be comfortable seeing O.J. released. The board in 2013 granted Simpson parole on several of the charges related to his conviction-namely kidnapping, robbery and burglary.

What happened at his sentencing? Simpson has been reportedly caught red-handed violating prison rules by a female corrections officer.

He said that any other person accused of similar acts would not have gotten such a tough sentence. And remember that any money that he makes will go to the Goldman family, because he owes them $33 million. On Thursday, July 20, he is facing "the parole hearing of the century", dubbed so by Christopher Darden, the prosecutor who was part of the team that failed to get him convicted in the 1995 trial for the murder of his wife Nicole Simpson and Ron Brown.

The collector had known Simpson for decades, and at one point, he sold signed photographs for the former running back, he said.

McCann and Wetheim first cited the fact Nevada grants parole in around half the cases it hears involving male inmates when arriving at their conclusion. Two other members of the board will monitor the hearing, said David Smith, a parole hearing examiner. He will appear Thursday by videoconference from the Lovelock Correctional Center, to be quizzed by four state parole commissioners in Carson City, a two-hour drive away. At the end of the hearing, they will deliberate in private, which is not expected to last more than 30 minutes. A decision should come shortly after the hearing.

The four parole board commissioners will deliberate in private, according to Nevada law, and deliberations will remain confidential. Two of those men testified that they carried guns. Can that be brought up in this parole hearing? A final decision will be made that day, the board said. The prison is 439 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Plus, the parole board sided with him once before.

What if he is denied parole?

The O.J. case might have been three months total, it took over a year. Just this week, in fact, a story emerged that he nearly lost out on his chance at parole because he ate a stolen cookie in prison.



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