China Says Imports From North Korea Fall as Sanctions Enforced

China Says Imports From North Korea Fall as Sanctions Enforced

What the USA should do instead of pressuring China is devise a new policy toward the DPRK, says Brian Becker from the ANSWER Coalition. THAAD is created to intercept short, medium and intermediate-range ballistic missiles during their terminal flight phase. "If the U.S. sticks to reckless military confrontation despite our warning, it can not avoid a miserable end".

The test sparked global alarm as it suggested North Korea now possessed an ICBM capable of reaching Alaska, a major milestone for the reclusive, nuclear-armed state.

As North Korea declared that it would not participate in talks on denuclearization, it has become even more hard to determine whether it will conduct another nuclear test. Analysts assume that as North Korea has been testing missile launches disguised as satellite launches, it is likely that another nuclear test will follow the ICBM launch.

Perhaps rather than kill Kim and trigger a North Korean response, which could be massive, the U.S. elected to signal to him that the best path to regime security would be to stay indoors and not play around near unsafe rocket engines, which have a habit of blowing up. How can the tension be eased?

Even if the cities of America's Pacific coast are somehow kept safe from obliteration, a nuclear North is intolerable. Do you think this is a fair criticism?

The three generations of the Kim family have run North Korea with an absolute rule that tolerates no dissent. Even with nearly all of its worst weapons destroyed, North Korea could still have the capability for a limited response that could kill millions of people within a couple of hours.

Korea's Korean Central News Agency on May 5. KCNA via REUTERS
Korea's Korean Central News Agency on May 5. KCNA via REUTERS

Now they should be pressed into service on a greater scale to deprive the Kim regime of the one thing it needs to wage war and maintain its iron grip on the populace: electrical power. He referred to "tough pressures" that China faces in its relationship with North Korea. It has had many decades of having a policy of self-determination, or self-reliance. North Korea has never acknowledged the launch. China's ambassador to the UN, Liu Jieyi, pushed for an end to combined U.S. Importantly, the United States had Kim Jong Un in their crosshairs for over and hour, and they did nothing. A South Korean trade ministry official said they would meet to "discuss mutual interests and concerns", but indicated to Reuters that Seoul's "stance is that we have not agreed on renegotiation of the deal".

China reacted strongly to the move, with a foreign ministry spokesperson urging the "correct the errors immediately" and warning that they would negatively affect cooperation between Washington DC and Beijing on the North Korean issue.

BB: No, the USA position is completely wrong.

Nor should China be exempt from accompanying stiff trade restrictions.

North Korean traders in the country are banned from opening accounts at local Chinese banks. Nothing has stopped Kim from continuing his seemingly unstoppable and incomprehensible towards a nuclear doomsday. "The US, with its risky military provocation, is pushing the risk of a nuclear war on the peninsula to a tipping point", it said, describing the peninsula as the "world's biggest tinderbox". North Korea's five previous nuclear tests caused signs of artificial quakes.

Estimates vary as to the exact starting point for the North Korean nuclear program, but the establishment of Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Centre in 1962 was a key moment. And they can't force the DPRK to do something that it won't do. Since the first North Korean nuclear crisis in 1993, two myths related to North Korea spread in the worldwide community: The United States can not use force against North Korea and China would never give up North Korea. Although Korea already has a million-man army, chemical and biological weapons and a number of nuclear bombs, its current striking range is strictly regional.



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