Destiny 2 PC Graphics Details and 4K Screenshots


More details about Destiny 2 were officially unveiled yesterday, specifically about the gameplay and story, and today Bungie answered some pressing questions.

It was also revealed in the live stream that players will be able to travel between various new worlds swiftly.

Along with revealing that Destiny 2 will run at 30fps on consoles, Project Lead Mark Noseworthy told IGN that "we are not getting dedicated servers". Many people were definitely expecting a Steam release for the game and will be disappointed.

It sounds like the series first foray into the PC space will be a delayed one, but fans may agree that it's certainly better than skipping the platform altogether as the original Destiny did. Caught in the maelstrom are the iconic characters Zavala, Ikora and Cayde-6.

In the course of the invasion, the Destiny 2 official gameplay trailer unveiled new weapons, new locations and new Supers. While together they may have rebuilt much, they now face new enemies and new dangers which put the fate of the world in their hands once again.

New classes were also featured: the Dawnblade, a firesword-wielding Warlock; the Sentinel, a shield-wielding Titan; and the Arcstrider, a Hunter with an electric staff. Equipment loadouts will also work a little differently.

These are just some of the highlights from the Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere Livestream Event, be sure to check back as we will do follow-up articles as more information is released. The sequel comes with a completely revised map and a way to conjure activities without the need to go to the intermediary and purgatorial orbit of "Destiny". This item is actually a season pass that is comprised of Expansion I and Expansion II. Check out Destiny 2's Homecoming in the player below! There's also a new "Countdown" competitive multiplayer mode, a three-player co-op on a new map called Inverted Spire. After all, it represents a lot of things - the potential arrival of a huge console community to PC, for one.



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